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Speed the loading of intimate apparel and swimwear on hangers
Hanger-Matic S
•  Safe, all-air operation, minimal training required
•  Can feed a variety of hanger styles with hangers loaded ‘hook-forward’ or ‘hook-away’
•  Optional: adjustable legs
Note: The Hanger-Matic S is not able to attach size caps.
Specifications for all three models
Includes: complete unit with storage towers (about  125-hanger capacity) air pressure regulator, hardware for hanging garments. (The customer provides the air compressor)
Size: 18”  x 28” x 36” high (46cm x 71cm x 91cm)
Operation: Compressed air at 40psi minimum (2.7 bars); requires a 1/4” air line from customer outlet to the power switch on the unit
Load up to 650 pieces per hour on Plasti-form and other hangers
Hanger-Matic with removable size cap magazine
•  Attaches the size cap to Plasti-form hangers as the hanger is dispensed
•  Easy to change from one size cap magazine to another
•  Optional magazine rack will store up to four magazineswithin easy reach of the operator
Hanger-Matic HF
•  Designed to present hangers ‘hook-forward’ or ‘hook-away’ and attach a size cap to the Plasti-form hanger before it is dispensed
•  Operator can change hanger presentation without assistance or tools
•  Durable, nearly maintenance-free table-top unit, available with optional adjustable legs
In ‘hook-forward’ mode, (above)
the HF speeds the loading of bras in the ‘concealed-loop' style.
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Hanger Dispensing Equipment