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Create a well-formed collar point with the Trim-N-Turn or Collar Point Trimmer
 The Trim-N-Turn (left) reduces costs by combining two steps into one: trimming the collar point and turning the point right side out to form a clean, sharp collar point
 The Collar Point Trimmer (right) only trims excess material between the collar’s seam and edge.
•  Offset placement of the Trim-N-Turn on the table unit greatly reduces operator fatigue
Includes: unit with one set of collar trimming knives, chosen from the five styles shown below. Machine stand optional for Trim-N-Turn
Previously known as: Beattie Collar Point Trimmer
Collar Point Trimmer
The following knife styles are standard for the Trim-N-Turn and Collar Point Trimmer:
The Contour Trimmer adds speed and acccuracy to collar making
 Trims the collar contour to ensure accurate collar placement
 Two-button actuation protects the operator
 Compressed air clears the work area after each cut
 Compatible with woven or knit fabric
 Add the optional notching attachment to eliminiate a separate notching operation
Includes: unit with machine stand and customer-specified contour
Size: unit: 34” wide x 21” deep x 15” high, (86cm x 53cm 38cm)
Operation: compressed air at 80psi (5.5bars)
Optional:  machine stand
Press the collar and fold the shirt in one operation with the
Form-O-Round or Collar Foming Shirt Folder
 Heated dies press and shape shirt or blouse collars while an operator folds and pins the garment
 Thermostatically controlled dies adjustable up to 550° (290°C)
 Many dies styles available, including perfectly round
Includes: table with adjustable height legs, mat switch, one customer-specified die and one folding board
Size: 48”  x 24” x 38”, (122cm x 61cm x 96cm)  
Operation: runs on electricity, 110/ 60/1, 2.2 amps standard.  Dies operate with compressed air at minimum pressure of 80 psi (5.5 bars)
Optional extras: folding arms, supply shelves, 220 Volt configuration
Shirt folding table shown here
with optional storage shelves
Use the Transfer Iron to heat seal labels or decoration on small items
 Light and easily manipulated for hand-held applications
•  Durable, long-lasting heating element can withstand the demands of an industrial, multi-shift operation
•  Heat thermostatically controlled
 2” x 4” base standard; 2 3/4” x 6” optional large base
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Apparel Making Equipment