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Three models for three different applications - all use microcontroller technology to meter elastic quickly and accurately
Key Advantages of all EMX models
Unparalled accuracy in metering elastic, lace, piping or other narrow fabric - ensures good fit and garment symmetry
Minimal operator training required - the microcontroller adjusts tension automatically to compensate for variations in sewing machine speed
Retains settings if the power is off or interrupted
Tension settings are entered easily and displayed clearly on a backlit, liquid crystal display
Energy-saving power circuitry conserves electricity
Mounts and operates easily on most sewing machines, using a clutch or certain electronic motors
The EMX-1 stores up to 45 different tension settings
Includes: EMX control box, synchronizer, metering mechanism with a
60 ounce-inch motor and 3” rollers, mounting hardware, power cord
Electrical: 110 or 220 Volts, single-phase, 50/60 Hz, .5 amps.
 Patch cords are available for certain electronic motors
Mount the standard metering mechanism on top, bottom or side to feed elastic, tape or other narrow fabric up to 3” wide
Reduce narrow fabric waste with the EMX-2
Coordinates the operation of other attachments with your metering device using the same easy-to-program control box
Includes: EMX control box, synchronizer, photo eye assembly, metering mechanism with a 60 ounce-inch motor and rollers (1 1/2” or 3” standard), mounting hardware and power cord
The EMX-2 is shown here with a PX Cutter mounted behind the needle
Use the EMX-2 with two outputs to actuate a cutter and control the sewing machine motor ( right) for ‘cut-and-stop’ savings of narrow fabric
The EMX-3 with spot gathering capabilities provides the accuracy needed to sew intimate apparel and swimwear
Can store up to 3 “set-ups”, each with up to 5 tension steps
Program can advance from one tension step to the next automatically by stitch counting or with a knee switch
“Advance/pullback” feature ensures garment symmetry and repeatability. To transfer rate changes quickly to the needle, the metering mechanism ‘pulls back’ on the elastic for gathering, then ‘advances’ the elastic quickly for flat sewing
The low-profile metering mechanism (right) mounts closely to the machine, giving the operator a clear view of the needle
The EMX-3 can sew absolutely flat as well as gathered
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Note: On all orders, please specify the make and class number of the sewing machine with which the unit will be used. Also indicate your voltage requirement and whether the metering mechanism will be top-mounted or bottom-mounted
Electronic Metering Devices